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floating on the wreckage of his house. >> by getting a secd chance in life. a daring overnight rescue brings baby joseph to the united states moments before he is pulled off life support. >> welcome aboard. it is 6:00 this new york city. >> i did. >> otherwise you woulding late. >> two days ago. i can't believe the velocity of the huge stories. first and foremost in japan. >> we start with the latest on the devistration in japan. there is another major exexplosion in fukushima, wrap jap. water levels are far enough
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allow to partially showing the rods. sparking fears of another melt down. >> and bodies have been found in mlyangi. >> stock tock closed down over there six percent. >> u.s. naval forces are moving away from japan over fears of troops exposed to dangerous radiation particularly on the uss regan. >> rescue relief remains top priority but thousands of people are evacuated near the fukushima nuclear plant. if you look at it. second hydrogen explosion to rock the plant and the massive
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cloud of smoke is carrying radioactive conitalination and that is a concern for the u.s. naval ship providing humanitarian assistance. that affects uss ronald reagan a hundred miles from the plant. they detected low levels of radiation and prompted the ship to move further out to sea. in fact, the commander of the fleet. vice admiral, reveals that the ships are being temporarily repositioned and aircraft away from the fukushima dutch nuclear plant. it goes on to report that sensative units were conducted.
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17 crew members were exposed to low level activity in the mission and the radio activity was removed from the affected crew by washing with soap and water and no further contamination was detected so far. >> so what is a nuclear melt down in what is the base of a nuclear power plant. they were built 40 years ago by general electric. >> that's right. >> this is how it takes place. the nuclear scientist, it is too simple for me. but this is how it works . >> it has fuel rods and there is a nuclear reaction if creates electricity from the rod. it has to be hot . it was hot when the tsunami and earthquake struck.
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>> shut down of the plants triggered by the beginning of the earthquake but the diesel fuel that allows coolant to blow in them, that generator stopped functioning. it was like turning off the show and now a second explosion in one of the two reactors of fukushima. >> and the release of hydrogen. they said saturday to expect another and providing the colant and nuclear scientist said it is a hail mary pass is pumping sea water into it. >> the reason it is it a hail mary pass. you can't use the reactor again. we saw the graphic. they are worried about the melt down and what it is, keep in mind there is a giantic bubble
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of concrete and steel around the super hot reactor. and the worry is that it melts through or for instance on a partial melt down what martha was talking about . the fuel roads are exposed and now there is possibility of release of radiation. >> partial melt down was what you had in three mile island. that seems to have resulted in no people getting health affects from that. there is varying reports on that . the general take is that is what that. the full ground water is when it gets in the ground water and earth. >> the fukushima plant explosion on saturday, six people were hurt and 160,000 exposed to
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radiation. at what level we'll find out. a u.s. helicopter picked up radiation in the atmosphere which has many people worried. they go on to say with these reactors unit number three destroys the outer building after two explosions the containment wall held. >> keep in mind the worst nuclear catastrophic was chernobyl . they didn't have containment buildings. they were doing a test in chernobyl and a power surge and explosion and we use water. they use graphite on fire and going everywhere and that is what caused the atomic fall out. >> tokyo power plant said we have rolling blackouts. but they told people you are not
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allows to use the energy because we can't provide it because we don't have nuclear power. a third of the country is powered by nuclear power. think about that. that is in real terms. a fascinating story of survival revealed and we have video to prove it >> look at this man at this debris. more and more unbelievable images of what this wave looked like. six miles inland some of the water went. this man saved 10 miles away. >> nine or 10 miles away. the 60 year old man with the waves hitting, he found a way to lace together the roof of his house and make a raft. they heard the earthquake and we have enough time to go back and
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get our stuff. you know, photoalbums . they went back. unfortunately they miscalculated the time and tsunami came. he wound up getting sucked out to sea. he's not seen her since the tsunami hit. mild weather and calm seas he was out there and saw helicopters and no one saw him . then a destroyer went by . he had a flag and someone said there is somebody over there and they fished hymn out. >> he has not seen his wife. >> hopefully she is okay. can you imagine the reaction she probably watched him pulled away on the roof. it is heart breaking and the child detected as they are school, a toddler boy to see if there is radeation on his body.
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>> and with the death tollmounting. there is so much else going on the world right now. >> this is story is gripping. four sheriff deputies, shot during a robbery attempt in a salvage yard in virginia. two of the four deputies survived and two of them were kill one of them has life threatening injuries. the gunman managed to escape and was caught two hours later and the suspect was shot and kill in a confrontation there. and baby joseph is getting a second chance here in the united states. second chance at life. new photos showed 13 month old transferred to the hospital in st. louis hours before he scheduled to be pulled off life support in canada. a group rescued him after a group in canada said there was
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nothing more they could do to save the child. the director of free for life said we have won the battle against the medical bureaucracy in canada, the real work of saving baby joseph can begin. >> libya, military forces loyal to al-gaddafi launched air strikes on the adubyah. they were forced out of another towns. rebels wants the united nations to impose a no fly zone in libya. we'll get a live update with libya with more on this story. >> that was the head of the rebel government. >> a hacker group released information from a bank of america employee. how they would out source
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tracking of home loans. the e-mails follow months of speculation that wicky leakingses had information on the bank of america. what a busy day. and plus, on friday, pj crowley one of the spokes people from the state was at mit. he is mart of the administration. he is doing a daily briefing. he took a shot at the marines who are holding bradly manning who is accused of leaking the wecky - wikileaks. he said the marines are mistreated. >> said they kept hill naked for a while. he was a colonel in the air force. what is done to bradly manning is ridiculous and counter productive .
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enlightening statements . not accurate and on parwith what the pentagon is doing and he had to apologize and he would go the next step and resign. >> that bought him an early ticket out. there was speculation that he was about to be replaced. mr. hammer is about to be brought n >> my recent comments regarding the conditions of the pretrial attention of private first class manning were intend to highlight and the broader and strategic impact of activities by national security. given the ipact of my remarks for which i will fake full responsibility i have submitted my resignation. >> how many people in the administration feel the same way. >> a lot . >> how long he gets a job at
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msnbc. >> we are not sure. one of the biggest stories today. financial markets. japan's economy plummets and it could be bad news for your 401 k. stewart barney here to explain the connection. >> nationwide call for civility. the wisconsin governor scott walker is called a dead man. [ thinking ] oh, gourmet deliciousness... i want you tonight! [ female announcer ] wish granted. lean cuisine has a fresh new bag. lean cuisine market creations steam meals. like new chicken poblano with tender white meat chicken, crisp veggies, in a savory cheddar sauce. new from lean cuisine.
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[ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. >>ap jap's devastating earthquake and tsunami impacting the world markets. tokyo nikkei plummled 633 points. >> how did that disaster impact united states and other markets.
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how can much can we afford to pitch in. third largest economy in the world. >> until last week, the japanese economy was recovering. that has stalled and almost certainly gone in reverse. as you said marth ait is the third largest world economy. you can't shut it down. it will affect us and slow down our rate of growth and affect our job creation . and it is a negative for everybody. >> oil dropped because a customer got injured. >> less oil for japan . same supply . lower prices. >> they pump 7 trillion worth of yen . that adds up to 183. >> it is a 183 billion went in their
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economy. put it reet in there and that raises a question. where do they get the money from to rebuild japan. how many hundreds of billions. will they sell the 800 billion worth of treasury bonds they have got? >> and that may be how our economy is impacted f. they sell off massive amounts of u.s. treasury debt. that lowers the value of the debt. >> we are desperate to borrow ourselves. we need two hundred billion. japan will not be lending us money. that's the pressure on everybody. everybody is trying to borrow and no one has money except china. >> we are the one to help and chena is sitting right there and we are sending 550 billion. >> china will commit some resources. >> take your time. >> and coming up, on the fox
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business network. the chair of the physics will tell us about radiation and shuth down a nuclear reactor. and impacting our own nuclear future here at home, too. >> thanks. >> steve, take control. >> thank you very much. i. he served jail time for guns he legally owned and even though they sentences was lefted by chris christy that father can't visit his own son. >> maybe charlie sheen is winning. wait until you hear what he pulled off by 20. >> you know my promises are golden. fast ball. i am bringing my. there are oths that have minivans with similar safety features as the chrysler town & country. the difference between theirs and ours is that all our safety-tech features come standard and most of theirs are optional. we don't think saty or technology
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>> quick headlines this morning. a veteran nypd officer is shoved
6:23 am
to his death. he was responding to a domestic violence call when the suspect pushed him off of the porch. the suspect had 28 prior arrest and now in country. two and half minute, to 18 minutes. that's how long charlie sheen's upcoming stage shows to sell out. that is a ticket master record for charlie sheen. back to you guys. >> far from over. the legal battle is far from over for the new jersey man sentenced to seven years in prison for legally owned fire arms. even though brianat kins' sentence was commuted by chris christie he is barred from seeing his son. >> nice to see you. >> when you are move nothing new jersey, you said i am moving in thitate and they told you what to do, yeah. and then they wound up
6:24 am
tracking you down and arrested you and then you wound up getting sentenced to seven years in prison for having guns in your trunk the way they told you to have them. >> now you are suing. >> i would be in jail if not for governor christi and there were so many layers of corruption and opportunities for different representatives of the state to do the right thing. the police officers could have said we realize you are not breaking the the prosecutor and police officers knew i was move six months before trial. john brennan said it was clear that i was moving . it is falling under the exemption x. it was malicious prosecution and there is nothing right now. even if the conviction is over turned and i will wen the appeal. nothing about that said hey, you can't continue to do it doesn't
6:25 am
send a message. >> you sent a message to the prosecutor and police department that you are going to foil a civil right's lawsuit . you want to make sure they are held accountsable for what they did to you. now you are unable to see your son two years eexplain why? >> immediately after i was indicted and i hate to talk about this, i still have to go before the judge and i understand you want to be cautious when fire arms are involved, but i haven't committed a violent crime and i wasn't charged with a violent crime in any way . two years ago, custody of my son was taken away from the charges that i was not convicted. >> before this particular thing happened. your wife had no problem with you sharing custody. >> you know, the standard
6:26 am
parenting plan. >> yeah. and then you were arrested for having this gun in the truck're trunk which you owned legally and called the police how do i transport it to my new place and now this? >> yeah, it has been over two years and i am at the point now, where i have to go through the motions and now in front of a family superior crime and governor christi. can i see my son. the reason i moved from colorado to new jersey was i wanted to be closer to my son >> and they are using a law for people who commit violent crimes. >> they amended the law. it was if you use a gun. >> for your case. >> if you use a commit a crime or rape or hold up a quickie mark, you get three years
6:27 am
mandatory. but they changed it if you have your lawfully owned guns that. is a violent crime and there is three years mandatory. >> you filed a lawsuit. we'll find out what happens next. >> thanks. and what do you think about that. e-mail us fox and >> meanwhile another explosion overnight in the japanese nuclear plant and now more nuclear material has been exposed. look at that right there. and so much for being fair. one national magazine calling governor scott walker of wisconsin a dead man . a film maker who makes horror films is hauled away in cuffs. stay at a. stay with us. we wiped the slate clean.
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6:32 am
one of the reactors, david piper is high of in tokyo with the latest. we heard about the blast on geraldo show last night. what happened since? >> yes, what is happening now, that we have a problem at the number two reactor in the fukushima plant. the blast earlier was number three. they seem to have that contained at this time. they suggest it was a hydrogen sea water. back on saturday there was a hydrogen explosion caused by them trying to cool down the fukushima plant. the metal container that houses nuclear reactor of the number three unit wasn't breached and so that is good news at this
6:33 am
time. specialist teams are continuing to try to cool down react ares. in fact, there are six reactors in trouble in that region and so they are stretched now to stop a major disaster. despite the government saying little radation was released. they are urging people in a 12 mile raduous of fukushima to stay in their homes if they are not evacuated. 200,000 have been brought out. workers have been monitoring people as they are escaping the area and saying as many as 190 may have been exposed. u.s. war ships including ronald reagan moved away temparily from the shore after the first blast of the fukushima plant on sunday. we went to a press conference and they said a number of u.s.
6:34 am
navy personnel was contaminated but they have washed them down and they are okay, back to you . >> thank you so much. 27 minutes before the pop of the hour. >> congress getting ready to vote on a temporary spending bill. they are hoping to avoid a complete government shut down. it will keep things running until april 8th. it will cut 6 billion from current funding levels and one in place expires this friday. >> story over the weekend. 14 people were dead and the driver williams admitted to officials that he tock a nap on the bus in the casino parking lot before he picked up the passengers . police found that the driver of the tractor trailer who williams claimed cut him off and the truck driver said the tour bus
6:35 am
was ahead of him and that it was drifting in and out of the lanes. it sliced the roof off of the bus. >> it was a lot of guys hopped on another bus and went gambling. >> a high school basketball player in texas passed away. he collapse in a time-out . witnesses say he fell to the floor after getting a drink of water. garza was pronounced today. er this month a player died with an larged heart. his tome made it to the finals. >> this is a scene straight out of a alfred hitch cock movie. he was arrested with charges of
6:36 am
negligent homicide after police found his decomposed body of his mother. they were looking for her to do a welfair check. he locked her in the room and never reported her death. >> just like the movie. >> and meanwhile, let's go ahead and switch around and take a look at what is going on in the weather. >> take a look at this. rescue crews in little falls, new jersey, pictured here. martha is from this neck of the woods in northern new jersey. they have had historic flooding out there and it continues. thankfully the rivers crest they are starting to recede. none theless. so much damage. >> look at the day ahead weatherwise. we have a big storm moving through portions of the tennessee and missouri valley.
6:37 am
storm system extends down through the gulf coast of texas. current readings as we start daylight savings time. 40 in new york . 30 in cleveland . 36 in raleigh . 50s and 60 in the gulf coast . daytime highs. almost 80 in tampa. upper 70s on the gost coast . 60s in the plains of texas . 50 in the big town of new york city. >> who is going to the big dance. >> thanks for the formality. >> it is time to fill out the brackets. martha has a huge bracket full of it . the field is set for the men's basketball tournament for the first time field of 68 instead of 65. ohio state followed by north carolina and syracuse and
6:38 am
kentucky . duke and san diego and texas . southwest notre dame duke and loi sville. it will start on thursday and friday. some look forward to st. patrick's at a and then the tournament starting. ohio state won big on the big 10 tournament . kentucky who has a great basketball tradition. they are cruising past florida. and duke and north will carolina met. joel tells me it is a rivalry . both went back and studied. >> the nfl in a lock out. what is a player to do and a fan fan to do? he is already scoring big . he wants to be a professional boxer . took out richard brian in las
6:39 am
vegas. he made $250,000 . let's hope it doesn't get to where 1987 was. and coming up. nothing about the strike but a lot about what is happening in the world. mike huckabee and pence who might be governor soon . steven hayes. >> in the close of the business hour . the governor of wisconsin signed the budget repair bill. they had a gigantic protest in madison over the weekend . now the democrats are saying we will make scott walker and his party play . they have mobilized where they are organized recall efforts against the republicans. >> yes, that is what they are doing.
6:40 am
>> the interesting thing about this to me. >> he announced. we'll not lay anybody off. 1500 people who were about to lose their jobs did not lose their jobs and that is not enough for them for now. >> recall effort is focusog eight democrats and republicans. if they have success there, these are those up to be recalled. if they want to go through that, they have 60 days to get a third of the varietying in the last election to sign on . keep in mind, republicans are mad at the devcrats and they are going after those. and they feel 14 state democratic senators walk off the job a negative thing and the violent majority of the constitients came up to them and said keep up the good work.
6:41 am
do what you have to do . >> they have michael moore. and susan sarandon. >> what a line up. and what about this. wisconsin governor's wins but dead man walker. that is the headline on time magazine . >> dead man walker. and your mind harkened back to tucson and everybody getsing along mood we were going to be part of. dead man walker. >> and there is imagery in the first paragraph. it talks about a chalk outline. >> that couldn't happen because we were in the age of civility. >> and the president asked us not to do that kind of things and time magazine which is politically to the left did that. i wonder whether if a publication like the weekly standard or the national review.
6:42 am
if they were to publish a similar headline you think there would be outrage. >> governor walker is cool under pressure . we'll see if he is cool under pressure. >> that is what he looks like. >> that is a good book. >> nuclear power is supposed to be part of our future . now there is a big question after all of this happen. will we see a moratorium on this idea as president obama signed off on spending for new nuclear plants in this country . our washington insiders will debate that out next. and the perfect parking spots and only to return to this. ouch. >> and so much more coming ahead. dr. oz and sully sullenberger . karl rove .
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while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal. >> we have quick headlines. a conservative group is taking a shot closing down the controversial mosque. lawyers for american center for law and justice will argue that the city should have begin landmark status for the building planned to house the mosque. >> a sink hole swallowed two car in downtown milwaukee. the street buckled after a massive water plain break. one driver had just stepped away after finding that not so prime parking spot. oh, boy. >> there is another explosion in
6:47 am
japan's fukushima power plant and the cooling system for the power plant is failing. let's lin. >> i don't want to stop the building of nuclear power plants. but we have to quietly put the brakes on until we absorb what has happened in japan as a result of the earthquake and tsunami. >> i don't think right after a major environmental catastrophic is time to make american policy. >> and who is right? you are joining alex flint and robert weiner. and alex is a on the u.s. senate committee . mr. weiner is president of robert weiner associates. who makes sense. >> i was man for the house
6:48 am
committee and i know alex has his background. what senator mcconnell said is lud crus. don't pay attention to the disaster in japan and i can't believe it. i think what ed markei said the nuclear plants are built on the fault lines and when you look at the fact 104 nuclear plant in the united states and explosion after in japan and high television tech. >> robert. you have to take a deep breath. alex weigh in. take a deep brathe and do you have a rational thought. >> the first thing we have to understand is what happened is it applicable to the united states . learn our lessons and apply them here. i suspect what we will find plants in the united states between the physical
6:49 am
characteristics and way we operate and regulate are going to address the challenges we face. >> robert, coined of interesting. 80 percent power in france and a third in japan and we are building four-eight and it is not a republican or democrat issue. it is time for clear thought. we are not going to face the challenges. ip will delighted at the substance of alex except he represents the nuclear industry . when senator leebe lobe said our plants are modernized for the earthquake. japan never faced 8.9. that's how modernized our plants are. i don't feel very conserve. take a deep breath and look at what is going on and learn the lessons and make sure we are safe. >> we'll have you back and hopefully get a hold of what is
6:50 am
happening in japan. alex and robert great job. >> thank you guys. and radiation spread nothing japan and so much of a medical throat. dr. oz one of the best in the business explains. >> sons ofanarchy is stepping out of their on roles to defend our nation. they are here, next. and a large backyard. it's the perfect home. in excellent condition, and ready to move in. anytime, anywhere. our agents help guide you to the smartest decisions. coldwell banker. we never stop moving. i want you tonight! [ female announcer ] wish granted. lean cuisine has a fresh new bag. lean cuisine market creations steam meals. like new chicken poblano with tender white meat chicken, crisp veggies, in a savory cheddar sauce. new from lean cuisine.
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>> last season son wasanarchy ended with members of the motorcycle club hauled off to prison. will they get out in >> here is a sneak beat . they are sons of anarchy and
6:54 am
good morning, guys. >> good to have you here . thanks for waking up . you have a fabulous show and the u.s. troops love the show and that's what prompted you to get involve. >> we were lucky enough to be asked by the uso go to iraq and kuwait. it has changed everything. we just get involved as much as we can with the military and program to help out. >> tell me about the premise. it is a gang protection. >> it sia club, right. >> i apologize. >> we have so much fun together and they have begin us a unique and different show than what is done before . every season it ends crazily and going to start crazily. like insane . we love it. getting on the bikes and getting
6:55 am
the scripts and can't wait to go to work. and because of highoctain and energy and controntation. guys and women serving embrace it kuwait and rack and fort hood. what are they asking. ? theoand i are so lucky to be involved in a uso and five gals with the boot initiative we feel lucky and they say appreciate you coming here. they are so happy to see us. it is a win, win. right. >> it is an honor to meet them. they are real life super heroes to be in their presence is fantastic. >> you embrace the cam pain. horks >> we have our own boots right here. >> boot camp >> put your boots on. >> right here. >> they are cool. and take your symbolic shoes.
6:56 am
and that is. that is probably going to be more comfortable than the shoes i have. >> started after the marko trails book. survivor . here we go. california us what we are doing. purchasing the actual boots. five gals are a part of the community and they wanted something to give back. and the proceeds go back to the troops. >> don't tell me they are too hot for the winter or summer. >> they wear them and they look fantastic. you gave us a map to help. thank you so much.
6:57 am
great meeting you guys. good luck. two pilots put their planes on high alert after the passengers start praying. did they make the right call. that's coming right back. [ male announcer ] gout's root cause is high uric acid. ♪ if you have gout, high uric acid can lead to more attacks. ♪ to help reduce attacks, lower your uric acid. uloric lowers uric acid levels in adus with gout. it's not for the treatment of high uric acid without a history of gout. uloric reduces uric acid to
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>> good morning. i am martha mccowep in for gretchin. another explosion in yap jap's power plant and word that raw nuclear material was exposed. how will the united states repond to a devastating threat in japan. >> while japan faces their worst crisis since world war ii, president obama goes golfing. >> second weekend in a row for hitting the links. >> the run away democrats
7:01 am
welcomed home and republicans, got death threats and so can governor scott walker reunite the state divided by the decision to cut union bargaining rights. fox and friends for hour two on monday starts right now. >> live from studio e in midtown manhattan where brian and martha are wearing combat boots. >> your mother wears combat boots. >> right. and i will explain that later. >> my mom is watching. she used to like you. >> and that is a great thought. >> i decided to come in here and hack out. >> and you are fill nothing for gretchin. boots campaign how to get
7:02 am
involved. >> we start with a fox news alert. there are growing worries about the melt down in the fukushima power plant. cooling system inny are actor number two failed and reports that the rods are partially exposed. that is the big concern. that's why they wanted sea water in there to keep them covered and second explosion in nuclear reactor number three. that was the first one that had a problem. 7 workers and four sold yerse were hurt and the u.s. 7th fleet is moved away from japan because of concerns that the sailors on board of the uss ronald reagan may have been exposed to radiation and they were washed down and the concerns are aleviated on that. that is a concern to everybody here. meanwhile, the earthquake could spell doom for japan's economy. the nikkei plunged and trading
7:03 am
looking lower at home as a result of all of this . in the meantime more bodies are being recovered. >> look at the pictures in all of official death tollat 2800 . who knows how much higher if it will go . topping 10,000. is the latest number oust japan. it is a heart breaking disaster. here is one inspiring story in all of this. remarkably rescued. look at the wreckage he was floating on. he strapped in the roof of his home . all hell broke loose. he clung to the roof for two days. here are the rest of the headlines. two virginia shirt deputies are dead following a robberiy attempt . two other deputies were shot and survived. the gunman was shot dead after a
7:04 am
brief search . 10 iraqi soolediers are now dead after a booby trapped car exploded outside of their military base. it kanaan the. it injured dozens more. officials suspect al qaeda behind the attack. the terminally ill child known as baby joseph has been moved here to the united states. take a look at the photose. shows the 13 month old transferred to a hospital in st. louis, missouri. hours before he was to be pulled off life support. a government run panel in canada said there was nothing more to do to save him. father provone released this it. now we have won the battle against the medical bureaucracy in canada, the real work of saving baby joseph can begin.
7:05 am
>> panic on board of a flight. alaska airline said flight attendant and passengers after three orthodox men were doing a priary service . flight attendant took it as a security threatt and investigators swarmed the plane and they were released. a lot of confusion and panic on that on monday morning. >> no confusion by bringing brina morendo . tells us what is hot this week. >> dana, welcome back. >> good morning, great to see you. >> great to see you. talk about your reaction first of all to the picture japan are so unbelievable to watch what is going on there and the u.s.'s reaction how is that shaping in
7:06 am
your opinion. >> one of the great things look at the personal giving in the united states. individuals providing assistance, even if it is $10 and social media making that possible for a lot of people to donate . i suspect our federal government will have assistance to help them assess the damage and figure out how to rebuild and so much debris to clearr and immediate concern about the nuclear power plant as well; i think the united states is so lucky. just think. we were fighting against the japp nease and today, what we want to do is try to help them. >> they are some of our best allies now. >> we'll talk about the white house messaging regarding look at japan facing the worst crisis their leaders have said since 65 years ago. world war ii.
7:07 am
libya implode gas price soaring and the president of the united states went golfing, second weekend in a row even though it was 48 degrees in andrews. fine weather for him to be out golfing. >> you hear about golf widows. i am not one. i don't understand the need. i thought this, on saturday, the president did his radio address. with all that is going on in the world, you would think they could tape a topical. they did the paycheck fairness act couldn't pass the house and senate and unlikely to pass now . then the earthquake in japan on friday hours before president obama gave a speech about the impact of high gas prices on american families. there is going to be plenty of time for president obama to go golfing in his future whether two years or six years from now.
7:08 am
i think that in some ways. the white house advisors. maybe he doesn't care. probably be better today if you played indoor basketball or some other way to exercise. >> japan, it is up to 10,000 minimum could have lost their lives and we put 1500 pounds of food there and people are taking action. but the libya situation, you have a rebel group steam rolled right now and we are still debating about a no zone and arab league is pushing america to act it is bad symbolism. bad year first and bad year two . grid iron dinner as well. two years he missed serious stuff and this year he goes and one of the jokes, the stuff is funny and know it is necessary but this is the year to skip it. >> he said i made a few jokes
7:09 am
over john's unusual coloring and now i thought it was a tan. but after seeing how often he tears i've come to realize that is noot a tan. that's rust. >> they go back to the same well and make fun of john boehner's skin color. that is the way he was born. he doesn't tan. you have to back off that joke. >> i would, too . the other thing is, president obama didn't go to the grid iron in two years. i had reporters tell me how sad they were about that and the loss of that tradition. i am not surprised he went back to the grid iron this year . he will need the adoring press conference in order to help him win reelection. >> there is not a counter balance to the photos and not pictures in the middle of the
7:10 am
disaster period with reading glasses and sleeves rolled up and the fault of the communication's team. >> i am glad you asked that. i remember when gabreille giffords was shot in that tragedy in january. the white house released president obama getting an update in thuation room and on saturday, his only public statement was about the paycheck fairness act and a photographed video of him playing golf. i don't if they don't realize the disconnect. it does matter. >> after the photocame out maybe this was a tide was turning and we will see the president working more in terms of public image. i think it is triking we didn't see that same thing this weekend. >> one of the best thing you can see is bill clinton and george
7:11 am
bush give their speechs and take questions. we understand one of those questions. about drill bill clinton said i agree with president bush number 43. we have to drill. it is ridiculous what is happening with the hold up with the plats. can you expand on that. >> literally at the same time president obama gave his press conference in which he was trying to convince everybody that his policies on domestic drilling are perfect and not holding back jobs and the industry is complaining with another. president clinton commented that he thinks it is rideckulous that we don't have more drill negligent drilling in the gulf of mexico. because he said the commission has said the changes in the industry are profound and we should allow the drilling for the sake of our energy and jobs
7:12 am
in the area and technological invasion that comes from doing the work over and over again. >> he's right. >> bill clinton said you have to put a no flyy zone and he's pushing. >> he and the arab league are on the same playy page. >> dana. always a pleasure on monday morning. >> save me the boots. >> boots for sold >> thank you, dana, see you soon. >> wisconsin republicans are getting death threats. run away democrats are welcomed home like heroes. can governor scott walker reunite them? >> and he's regarded as one best pilots in the business. what does captain sully sullenberger think about the latest push to unionion the tsa.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
>> welcome back. one day after governor walker signed the bill slashing collective bargaining. protestors came. while the republican senators are getting death 38s. will they be able to work together going forward. governor, welcome. good to be with you. >> good to be with you. i am glad you made time for us. first things first. now it is done, did you anticipate this type of fire storm when you put proposals forward. >> i knew tension in the state of wisconsin. you are build people who defend status quo would be up in arms. we didn't realize the money from washington and illinois and nevada and new jersey from the big union bosses who didn't want us to change things.
7:17 am
but we are protecting middle class jobs and property taxpayers and we'll continue to do it for the people of wisconsin. >> there were a number of republican senators who said they heard from constitients debate the gigantic protest. keep going with this. we have to make changes. >> no doubt about it facts are clear. we are doing manage that is no more bold than what the federal does. they don't have collective bargains for wages and benefits. dine doin did it under governor daniels and their government is more accountable to the public. now we don't have to lay people off in mass numbers. we can improve your schools and put the best and brightest based on performance.
7:18 am
>> the biggest rap to eliminate collective bargaining rights. the governor is not doing this to budget the damage -- budget. but senate president scott fitzgerald said the result was going to affect the outcome of the presidential race. didn't that hurt your cause and fuel your economy. >> i think the reason the obama administration and the president got involved is they believe that. people who publicized this is the 14 state senators who left and went to another state. any middle class worker who was gone without notice wouldn't work anymore . that's what they have done. thankfully they have come home. we tried to work with them to bring them back. same people who helped us in the five weeks, will we work together. absolutely. five weeks, we passed aggressive
7:19 am
jobs to show that wisconsin is open fory business. i am sure we can get back to to that as well. >> republican senators received death threats and time magazine. wisconsin's governor wins is he still dead man walker and the first paragraph. it describes a chalk out line. >> look at the signs around the capitol those who came in from outside of wisconsin. it was ten-fold of what we saw them and their comments. we at ed focused. protestors in wisconsin have a right to be heard but will not overpower the taxpayers in the state who want us to balance the budget and protect middle class jobs and get the job done. we'll not be intimidated.
7:20 am
in the end we'll do what is right for wisconsin. >> scott walker, governor of wisconsin. thank you. >> and one quick thing. we have a lot of friends in yapan . we'll reach out to red to help those in wisconsin and japan. >> great position. marth awhat is next. >> reports that the raw nuclear fuel rods are completely exposed in a plant in japan. what kind of health risks are we talking about here . are americans doing too much touching. >> hug out. >> no, not really. is there a hugging demic. that is going on out there we'll be right back. capital one has asked yours truly
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> we have a fox news report. reports that raw nuclear fuel rods are completely exposed in the plant in japan. nuclear are the ands are saying the radio active material can spread if it league leaks. iodine tablets are headed out. is this a good idea and what are the health risk. we are joined by dr. owhereand host of the dr. owhereshow . >> good morning. >> often you talk about things that are lighter than the subject in terms of every day health it is an awfuluation. children for radioactive particles. >> let me give you back story.
7:25 am
after the chernobyl incident they found thyroid cancer was higher. you need iodine to make itin order to reduce the activity iodine the thought was if we give you iodine, in salt or iodine potassium tablets or yogurt and milk. maybe you will avoid having the contaminated source it is a theory. most of the radio actative is not in the iodine . only the thyroid you protect . so it is not as simple. it is to make the public feel saver. you need it immediately. >> you are not protecting any
7:26 am
part of your body. >> you went and good forbid. that would not have helped. thyroid hormone levels are important and the most likely cancer you will get. that's why we are worried about dental radiation. i don't think it will make a meaningful dent if it hurts the people of japan. >> that's why the senth fleet moved the ships out of harm's way. later today. you have teamed up with suzy orman and talking about the comparison of the size of you and the size of your wallet. >> i am so excited about the show. it is lighter than the radio actative spill but it is an important topic. if you are overweight in america you will paid 3.50 less per hour. >> you get paid three and half
7:27 am
bucks an hour less . that is 7000 a year less. >> unbelievable. >> you spend 150 billion because we are overweight. important tie between obesity and salary. if you are going bankrupt you pay a penalty in your life. financial problems you are overweight. on healthy people gain weight and make less money and therefore lose money. >> we'll box with susy. we have fun ones. >> counter punch. >> a good example you have to write it down. write down your debt you whan it is. write down the food. am i honest that i am eat thag food and write it in my food diary. >> great to see you . thanks for the tips on the other. >> pay attention. it is bad. pay attention to what we are doing on the show. it is fabulous. and greg is fabulous.
7:28 am
he is talking to the producers. >> three superstars and i am down here. >> can japan's policy affect us here in america. dick thornburg weighs in. he will share what he learned from mile island . hackers release top secret messams and exposing corruption in the banking giant bank of america. what is inside and how much will it hurt . he saved 155 lives by landing his plane on the hudson river. what does captain sully think about the latest attempts to unionize the tsa. don't go anywhere. destined to shape our future. the jaguar xj. automobile magazine's 2011 design of the year.
7:29 am
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than the bmw 7-series or mercedes s-class... making the decision to own a jaguar just arational as it is emotional. >> we have another fox news alert. new information on the situation in japan. the fuel are rods in the fukushima nuclear plant are fully exposed raising fears was a possible melt down. there is also an explosion in a different reactor earlier. 7 workers and four soldiers were hurt. united states shifted the 7th fleet away from the coast of the japan worrying about contamination. millions are without food and water and power as recovery efforts continue.
7:33 am
lines for gas are four-five hours. the officialsing believe that the death tollwill top 10,000. >> we are getting more information. the weekend deadlyy bus crash that left 14 people dead. the driver williams, admitted to officials he took a nap before the bus left on the casino parking lot before picking up the passengers. the tractor trailer said a different story. he said the tour bus was in front of him and he witnessed it drifting in and out of the lane. >> a hacker group released a group of e-mails from a former bank employee alleging that mortgage fraud took place and how they would outsource the tracking of home loans to
7:34 am
companies . this follows months of speculation that wicky leakks had the same type of information about bank of america. >> ceo of burger king is grilled by serving a whopper of an insult. he dissed english food and women. giving a speech to students in the chicago he said the food is terrible and the women are not attractive and apologizing for the remarks. >> that is not going to be happening. and what is going on. >> in our neck of the woods. >> we both live in northerniers jers and lookk at this video out ofiers jers. cars and homes are under water. this is just heart break we have other -- hear the cop chopper is pulling out. this is going to affect people. that is the parking lot in
7:35 am
willowbrook mall west of new york city. it is a good possibility that the mall will be closed. >> bad news for new jersey and smook snooki and when willow brook mall is closed it is an emergency. and we'll show folks where it is raining and a big storm from the tennessee and ohio valley down through the mississippi valley and portions of texas. there is snow on the back side and thunderstorms moving through the st. louis area and down through the cape at this hour . rain out in the pacific northwest. that is a look at fox travel cast. and now time to get brackets ready. >> snooki went to italy. >> yes, with the >> she got a good deal. >> follow her on twitter. >> time to pull up the brackets as it is now. the feelad has gotten bigger.
7:36 am
it is a field of 68 inted of 65. here are the top four seeds. in the east. ohio state and followed by north carolina and syracuse and kentucky x. in the west. duke, san diego state and connecticut . texas . southeast. pittsburgh and florida and byu and wisconsin. steve is a big byu. >> no, byo. and playing game starts for the rest of the action starting on thursday and friday. >> i think liu brooklyn. >> after the conference tournaments finished up. ohio state won 71-60. it is for fun and basketball. >> kentucky crudes past florida. 70-4. duke and over north carolina and
7:37 am
75-58 . when they were not playing basketball. tiger woods was not close to the leaderboard. guess who was. nick what theney. drained two birdie puts . held off dustin yawnson. tiger woods for some rein for optimism. shot a 66 . finished 10th in the tournament . phil mickleson was on the couch. >> i thought i was your favorite lefty. >> you are a lefty? >> i am a south paw. >> i did not know that. >> you don't want to sit next to me when we write things down. >> though you are sharing a moment. there is affection. >> did we think about our game. >> this is a nation of hunters. >> is it appropriate. >> there is a thing in slate magazine said we are hug happy
7:38 am
in >> yeah. >> there are times when you say goodbye to someone you work with the. come on. i will give you a hug. >> you invite me to the house for the wook week and 15 people there. hug every person in the line. are you a hugger or not. >> no. we are not emotional and physical. with the italians they hug and kiss. italians big hungers and say hey, see you soon. >> you are having the conversation don't hug. >> not easy being me. >> two guys working on the show. they are talking about guy hugs . they say i am okay with this one. like that. but not okay with the big two arm hug. and they are like the jaws of life. >> they say according to on line emily post. you should only hug somebody if
7:39 am
they are a close friend and you are related to them. >> some of the people like when you meet them. glad to meet you. >> go to peat and scott in. pete said one of the human needs is unconditional los. >> it is a left over grinch from christmas. >> grandma sue writes. too much hugging. yes. >> there are people. i don't want to hug and have to. >> that is my grandmother. >> you don't have to hug them. give them a kiss. >> my grandma gave me two dollars. >> instead of a hugging. >> good to see you. >> will in montana. there is always time for another squeeze . even a kiss. and there is people who
7:40 am
believe an energy is given off of love and acceptance and they are looking to share that. >> others are coming on to you. >> i don't think so . and cozy up. >> do we hug too much and who do you have to hug that you don't want to. >> keep them coming. >> would we do an intervention . stop hugging somebody and tell them the news. yet yell at them and get a room,you to. billie want to stop hugging you, sam. can he do it? >> that's deep. and i think i would err on the side of more hugging than less. >>ug hading aside . we'll talk about what is happening in the world. it is impossible to put words to it >> should japan's nuclear crisis affect us here? >> the govern in the three mile
7:41 am
island disaster is here what we should know. >> tsa wants to unionize. we'll talk to captain sullenberger from the miracle on the hudson. >> afleck trivia question. i always read these in the morning. a baseball scholarship to college but never played a game. we'll send you the information and a hug. >> going to hug the winner >> back off, john. >> and you have the half man hug. boy, m glad e got aflac huh.
7:42 am
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7:45 am
>> al qaeda has a new magazine aimed at women. not making that up. mixes arcticles on skin care and tips for marrying a homicide bomber. the title means majestic woman and only ordered on line . meanwhile, american research ares claim they found the lost city of atlantis. the team from university of hartford disclosed it by radar and mapping. there are hundreds of memorial sites thought to be built by refugees after the tsunami destroyed the city of hant lantis. >> this fox news alert. report was raw nuclear rods are exposed in the plant in japan. nuclear experts are saying radioactive material being pred eaver over the next several
7:46 am
weeks. can japan learn from the three mile accident in pennsylvania. who better to ask than the man who handled that disaster. former gov govern and u.s. district attorney dick thornburg. when you hear the fuel rods are exposed. it must take you back to pennsylvania and how afraid are you for the people of japan right now? >> there is an similarity of what is going on in japan and what we dealt with in three mile island 1979. there are enormouses. we didn't have a earthquake or tsunami. but the problem is essentially the same. that is bringing the reactor to a cold shut down and the news that the fuel rods arely exposed as happened in a partial -- melt down in three mile island is not
7:47 am
good news. >> we are always looking for more way to create energy here at home. the president authorized 36 billion in the current budget in the 2012 budget for nuclear energy. but here's what senator leiberman had to say about the problems here at home. take a lin. >> the reality we are watching something unfold and we don't know where it is going with regard to the nuclear power plantts in japan and it calls us not to stop building but put the brakes on right now. >> so what do you think right now? >> it is a natural reaction and same thing as three mile ilan. you want to digest the lessons learned from having to deal with an unexpected catac strophy. we get 20 percent of the electrical energy from nuclear and 104 nuclear reactors.
7:48 am
we'll not shut them down or forego that. but how do you rashly integrate plans for development of nuclear power in present base. >> go ahead. >> one of the major problems we faced over the years is disposal of spent fuel. and there is a commission that the president appointed by former congressman hamill and stow crost that will have to face up to that begin the development in japan. >> this is one of the oldest reactor . the way they built the new ones wouldn't have the same problem. is that not a good argument to build newer plants and look at the older ones. >> that's my understanding. of course, technical problems that are involved in these are
7:49 am
ledgion. but anything to be done to improve the safety and operating reallity is a good thing . in large part careful attention begin to the nuclear trea since 1979 and three mile island. >> you speak from experience. thank you so much. >> thank you. and so he's one of the best pilot in the sky. captain sully as he is affectionally commown. he said the tsa needs to make changes and forming a union one of them . in this day in 1984, was the sign by ace was spades. you remember that, we'll be right back.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> all right. the answer to the aflac question of the day. billie christial. >> he was drafted? >> we have it. and we have a jet in >> we had all animation. that is not real. >> the set cleared away for the set it unionize. unionize and representation voting is underway. is it necessary or end up costing more and make our system less efficient? >> hero pilot captain sullenberger landed the plane on the hudson. thanks to you, sully, we got a
7:54 am
jet. >> a big one. congratulations. >> that is right up front after that hugging segment what your crew suggested i come out and handwriting you both. we'll wait to the end. >> see if you are hug worgy. >> he want to wait. >> yes. >> the tsa is talking about workers unionize. some are saying it is pay back for the union supporting barack obama and everything else. what do you think about it? >> as an airline i was a proud union member and part of safety contributions that we made and having an organization gives a built in mechanism for resolving disputes. but it is critical we have good leadership on the parts of management and association so that trust is possible and that will allow cooperative behavior.
7:55 am
we have to have the right incentives in place. >> team said if they go to unionize here we go again. >> people have a right to say how they are going to live their working lives. but shouldn't throw out the baby with the bath water. there are ways to fix it. as long as we have great leadership and align our goals and remember why we are in business for the safety of the traveling public. >> and the job and machine of the tsa is to us more safe. some guy went and got through with three box cutters and a case where the father said he had psychological problems and he got on the plane with another boarding pass and gets on the plane and flies halfway over the country. >> you will see incidents. but we need to change the way
7:56 am
the securitiuation. tsa needs to not only look for things, but look at people and their behavior and a threat-based and intelligence based way. >> i agree, sully, you seem happy and rested and how is life been since your book is a best seller. >> life has been good for me and my family. all of us on the airplane, passengers and families have much to be grateful and thankful for. it is a source of many wonderful opportunities and peek out about things i care about. aviation safety and training. and one of the guys on the flight is honoring and you are in town it fete him. >> yes, i am. >> when we come back, we'll let you know if captain sullenberger thought i was hug worthy. >> straight ahead.
7:57 am
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and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. >> martha: good morning, everybody. it is monday, march 14, i'm martha mccallum in for gretchen carlson. we begin today with a fox news alert. it's not good. raw material exposed after another blast at the nuclear power plant and japan is telling american ships who are there to help that they need to keep their distance. >> steve: look at that. >> martha: unbelievable. >> steve: swept out to sea, the unbelievable rescue of a man who survived the tsunami floating on a pile of wreckage from his house. find out how many miles he was from the shore. >> brian: and getting a second chance at life, just in the nick of time. a daring overnight rescue brings
8:01 am
baby joseph to the stage moments before he's pulled off life support. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> martha: there it is. good morning. good to be with you guys. thanks for having me. >> brian: we have tradition, when we have breaking news, and something happens. >> steve: brian sully came out and said he was thinking about starting with a hug and didn't know whether or not. did they actually hug, brian and sully? >> brian: this was moments ago. >> steve: ladies and gentlemen -- >> brian: i'm not comfortable. >> martha: a big smile on his face and we don't know what brian is thinking. >> steve: thank you very much for joining us on this monday. there is so much going on. we'll start with the very latest.
8:02 am
>> martha: on a morning like this, there is a lot of serious news out there. we have the latest on japan. reports are that the fuel rods at one of the nuclear reactors has now become completely exposed. but sea water is being pumped back in again to try to cover those fuel rods up and that will ease fears to some extent about a meltdown. there is also a second explosion at another reactor at a fukushima plant. 11 people were hurt there. you've got the market market of this. the nikkei plunged and everyone knew it would happen. down 6% on the tokyo markets as we wait for the u.s. markets to open. there will no doubt be repercussions in the u.s. markets. at least 2800 bodies have been found. look at this wreckage. you can not look at these pictures enough to get the full picture of what's going on.
8:03 am
officials say the death toll could go to 10,000. power and water still out to millions of people because these nuclear plants are shut down. millions of people are struggling to find food. a fox news alert, new information on the situation in japan as we've been breaking news all throughout this morning. the kyoto news service is saying that the fuel rods at one of those reactors has become fully exposed. so the water has declined to the point where these rods are exposed and that means there could be a possible meltdown. also an explosion at different reactor at that plant earlier. this is a very, very frightening situation. >> brian: we know over the weekend they threw all types of sea water and thought they cooled it effectively. guess not. >> martha: that renders those useless. that's the last ditch effort to cool them off. but that has not succeeded. >> steve: in the meantime, u.s. naval forces being told to keep their distance from japan over fears that the troops could be exposed to dangerous radiation particles from the fallout. wendell goaler joins us live
8:04 am
right now from the white house. hey, wendell. >> the u.s. sent search and rescue teams to japan from los angeles and a suburb of washington, d.c. and the uss ronald reagan, aircraft carrier, moved a bit off sendai. some were exposed through low levels. the sailors got rid of their uniforms and scrubbed and that dealt with the contamination. the u.s. navy really is leading this country's effort to help with relief efforts in japan. there are five or six u.s. destroyers already in japanese waters or on the way. the amphibious landing ships are on site with two more on the way. the department of energy and nuclear regulatory commission are in contact with japanese officials who are working to stabilize the damaged reactors.
8:05 am
there was another explosion overnight. but the nrc says it does not expect harmful levels of radioactivity in any u.s. territories in hawaii, alaska, or the west coast. u.s. officials say the steps the japanese are taking to try and control the damaged reactors appear to be consistent with the steps the u.s. would take. in fact, there is a nuclear regulatory commission, disaster team in japan available to consult with officials there. this disas her a chilling effect on calls for new u.s. nuclear reactors to try and lessen our dependence on foreign oil. joe lieberman said the u.s. should put the brakes on new nuclear power plants until we find out what happened. mitch mcconnell said that this is no time to be making policy decisions with the images from japan stoking emotions here. back to you. >> steve: we thank you very much. a moment ago, i used the word fallout.
8:06 am
i probably should have said contamination. there is no suggestion that there is any atomic fallout. but there had been traces of radioactive materials detected and that's why they were steering away. >> brian: during this first explosion on saturday, six people hurt. they estimate 160,000 people were exposed to some sort of radiation. but they're still trying to examine what is exactly in the air because they sent a u.s. helicopter in the air above that plant and they did detect some radiation in the air. so that makes people wonder. >> martha: some of the people who weren't able to evacuate quickly enough, they're telling them to basically lock themselves in their houses and shut down as much as possible. can you imagine how frightening the situation is for those people who did not evacuate over the course of this weekend? it was a serious situation with that top roof blowing off and then you have six inches of stainless steel that surrounds the o'er area, that holding
8:07 am
steady. but the inside of that, when the water subsides below the level of these nuclear rods, there is a look at it in that graphic that we have -- when it starts to expose those fuel rods, that's when the heat cannot cool down and those fuel rods and that's when you get this worry about a meltdown. it's a very, very tentative situation. >> steve: right. so there have been talks about is it going to be a partial meltdown or a total melt down. here is a partial meltdown, where the fuel rods melt inside that core before the coolant can be restored and then there is a release of some of the radiation and the radiation is inside that concrete and steel bubble and because things are so hot in there, they somehow have to vent things because remember, you got alt steam in there. so you let some vapor out, they do have filters and scrubbers and stuff, but that is the worry. then when you have a full meltdown, the worry is that the fuel rods would be exposed,
8:08 am
would become -- super, super, hot and somehow get out through the bottom of the containment structure and then into the atmosphere. that would be really, really bad. >> martha: affect ground water and the earth below that where it could cook basically for earth. >> brian: that's why people said it was a hail mary pass on saturday. some experts said, i never heard of this because of the explosion, they put in a -- they flooded in sea water into the area. that destroys the reactors, they did it to two of them forever, so that's a big decision. and then they wonder is it going to work? with the second explosion, it seems the fuel rods are now exposed. will they try it again? did it work to the point where they think we have an answer to this? >> martha: you look at the structure. this is one of the oldest nuclear plants in japan. they have 100. we have 104 operating nuclear plants in this country and they said because of the structure of those plants, that's why this
8:09 am
was able to basically ex employees off the top. that the way they're building them now is markedly better and don't believe it would have happened in the same way because you have the shut down from the initial earthquake, which was a good thing, but that also shut off the generator which is allowed the diesel fuel to keep these going and that has been very, very problematic. >> brian: earlier we had a best on, over the weekend in toby, they were seeing the damage and got the call, there has been an explosion. you have to leave. so they had less than an hour to pack up their families and just get out. so if their house was intact, they did have energy, but now they got to go. so everyone has to just leave because they're too close to the reactor. >> steve: no kidding. >> brian: you got three problem, the earthquake, tsunami, then the nuclear explosion. we even had a volcano go off over the weekend. >> steve: we did. and we're going to talk about the economic -- i was going to
8:10 am
say fallout. and it is. right now we've got other headlines. >> martha: let's look at those this morning. four sheriff's deputies were shot in a salvage yard in virginia. only two of the deputies survived. once again we have policemen being shot in the line of duty and you have two -- one has life-threatening injuries. the gunman initially managed to escape. but he was caught and killed in some sort of confrontation in all of this a little later. and then let's go to libya for a moment. there's a report out of libya that rebel soldiers will be pardoned if they surrender to the government forces. that is according to the libyan state television this morning. that comes after forces loyal to moammar gadhafi launched air strikes on the rebel-held libyan town and word is they are continuing to move east at about 80 miles a day. whether they can keep up that pace is yet to be seen. let's tell you about this story we've covered here at fox news channel for you.
8:11 am
the terminally ill child known as joseph is getting a second chance at life here in the united states. about to show you new photos. this is the transport of this 13 month old transferred to a hospital in st. louis, missouri overnight, hours before he was scheduled to be pulled off of life support at a hospital in canada. the baby was rescued by a group called priests for life after a panel in canada said they believed that everything had been exhausted for this child and that there was nothing that the doctors could do to save him. the director of the organization called priests for life, they released this statement saying, quote, now that we have won the battle against the medical bureaucracy in canada, the real work of saving baby joseph can begin. unexpected dinner cruise for some folks from kentucky raging flood waters broke this floating restaurant free from its barge, started sweeping down the ohio river. all 83 people were brought safely back to shore later on thanks to a tug boat.
8:12 am
the restaurant owner has a little bit of explaining to do to the folks who paid their money. they didn't expect they were going anywhere. he told a local tv station that they were never in danger. no word whether or not the customers will get a refund. maybe they should pay extra for the boat ride on top of the dinner. >> steve: where we going? >> brian: why is the tug boat pulling us home? straight ahead, market reaction to the disaster in japan. but you can't shut down the world's third largest economy without some consequences. so what is actually being done? a u.s. economic expert who was in tokyo for the earthquake here to explain the fallout. >> steve: president obama has been staying out of the budget battle on capitol hill, but he had a front seat at the table when health care was being negotiated. why isn't he giving the same attention to the country's debt? karl rove weighs weighs in on tt straight ahead. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
8:13 am
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>> steve: welcome back. fox news alert. new worries in japan after reports that nuclear fuel rods are completely exposed inside of one of those container buildings. the disaster already having a major impact on japan's economy. the nikkei closed over 6%. how can they avoid a financial crisis and which what does this mean for the rest of the world? joining us is the dean of smu's dedman college, expert on japanese banking and economics and part of a japanese-american leadership delegation. you were in tokyo when the earthquake hit on friday, weren't you? >> i was. i was right in front of a major hotel in downtown tokyo. and i saw the sky scrapers swaying like trees in the breeze. >> steve: oh, man. it had to be terrifying. of course, tokyo not impacted as much as the northern portion of that country. from where you're sitting, what is the major impact now on japan going forward?
8:17 am
i know they pumped $180 billion into the economy earlier today to try to stabilize financial markets. where do we go from here? >> the direct impact of the earthquake is going to be rather limited. the region that was hit was an agricultural region, continues a small part of the national gdp. the long-term impact will be in rebuilding the infrastructure and the roads, railways, electrical grid, generation capacity and so forth that the japanese will be paying for over the next years and decades. >> steve: sure. of course, they are the third largest economy on the planet and so any time they've got to take a step back to regain their footing, that's not helpful of the given the fact they were starting to make some headway. >> this is going to be a really tough blow for japan and a tough job for the japanese government simple to pay for this reconstruction. japan is already one of the most hily leveraged nations in the world. their national debt is twice its
8:18 am
gdp. by comparison, the united states, which is not in the greatest financial shape that, ratio is 60%. so for the japanese government to find the tens or hundreds of billions of dollars necessary to pay for this, they're going to be real costs. >> steve: where do you think they're going to go? >> one of the things that's going to happen is japanese savings and, of course, the japanese are great savers, those funds have traditionally been invested in the global financial markets and particularly in american treasury bonds. that money is going to come home to japan. the japanese are going to be paying for their reconstruction and that means it's going to be more expensive for americans to pay our bills, for us to borrow money in those global markets. >> steve: are you saying they're going to take the money that they have invested in the u.s. treasuries, take it home and use it there? >> it's already started. we see that repatriation of funds has begun. japanese banks and corporations
8:19 am
have begun pulling money out of dollars and putting it back into yen. >> steve: how is that going to impact all of us? >> it's going to hit us in the pocket books. it means that the rates that the u.s. government has to pay on our national debt is going to rise. it also means the cost of japanese products is going to go up. so priuses and computer chip, those costs will rise for us in the united states. >> steve: give us a preview of what's coming. we thank you for joining us from dallas. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. coming up, while japan faces their worst crisis since world war ii, where was the president over the weekend? golfing. karl rove weighs in on that. and are you feeling lonely? maybe it's because of your tech habits. how you can fix it, a look at -- look at him, look at her. if they could just turn around. we'll be right back.
8:20 am
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>> brian: time for yours news bit numbers. first, 61, that's how many pirates were captured overnight by the indian navy after seize ago ship over the arabian ship. thirty-seven cents, that's how much more drivers are paying at the pump since february 22. the average price for a gallon of regular gas, 3.54. and finally, $36 million, that's how much battle los angeles took in to the box office at the top spot. >> martha: all right. brian and i were just showing
8:24 am
you what it's like in this high-tech age and it turns out teen-ager, you know this. they send thousands of text messages over the course of a day, a couple of weeks. they spend hours on-line on the social sites, like facebook and twitter. it's starting at an even younger age now and our next guest says this can have dangerous repercussions for our children. joining us now is the author of the new book "alone together," why we expect more from technology and less from each other. i think that's really a profound title. this is sherry joining me now. it's created this awkwardness, when you don't have to pick up a telephone and have a conversation with someone, you can basically hide out in life. >> yes, you can hide out and you can perform yourself when you text, when you send a message, you lose kind of spahn takennity >> -- >> and children aren't taught phone manners. what's the danger of that? >> people become afraid to have is a conversation, you become
8:25 am
afraid to reveal too much. teen-agers tell me that. they don't know how to end a conversation. one of the scariest things about having a conversation is they're really afraid they won't know how to end it. >> martha: that's a social skill. >> that's a social skill. >> martha: that's a gracious graciousness, a social skill. talk to us about the intelligence factor. is this dumbing our kids down, spending all this time texting? >> in certain ways, everything you do with a screen is a loss of a certain kind of intelligence. the kind of intelligence that involves manipulation of concrete things and kids, when they're young, need to manipulation concrete things. so learning in bullet points, learning the kind of quick back and forth. >> martha: we talk to each other basically in bullet points. we tend to do that in television occasionally. >> but when you're young, it's one thing when you do that when you're older, you can choose to do that. but the quick bullet points of e-mail, of texting, we ask ourselves simple questions, we
8:26 am
get simple answers. >> martha: nuances of life. >> that's not good when you're young. >> martha: one of the things that jumped out at me is if you don't teach your children to be alone, that it's okay to be alone once in a while with a book or with themselves even, the only thing that they really learn is how to be lonely. they think they're lonely if they're alone for a moment. >> that is one of the big messages of my research. we're not teaching our children how to be alone. the minute -- i share, therefore, i am. the minute they're alone, they reach to text. >> martha: a social crutch. before we go, give us one little bit of hope. what can we do to help our kids, because they are going to grow up in this age of technology. >> it begins with dinner. no texting during dinner. >> martha: no way. not in my house. no texting in why you are bedroom. no technology upstairs is the rule at my house. you have to lay down rules. >> it begins with dinner. families have dinner together,
8:27 am
no texting. >> martha: dinner together. that's great advice. sherry, thank you very much. good to have you with us. >> my pleasure. >> martha: all right. coming up right here, this is an unbelievable story. swept out to sea, the rescue of this man who survived the tsunami and you saw those waves over the weekend. he was on the roof of his home ten miles off of the shore. and then what happened to the nationwide call for civility, folks? a major magazine now calling wisconsin governor scott walker a, quote, dead man. how about that? and are americans doing too much touching? there is a question for you. >> brian: no, not really, now hug it out. >> martha: i love that when they would hug it out. is there really a hugging epidemic? tell us what you think about this. we will look at your e-mails.
8:28 am
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[ all ] ♪ hey, hey, hey [music playing] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you. >> brian: 29 minutes now before the top of the hour. watch this. check out this shot of the morning. out there on that disaster in japan. one man remarkably rescued floating ten miles in the ocean on his roof. he was discovered clinging to
8:32 am
the wreckage to his house two days after the tsunami struck. he stood on the roof, held it together, laced it together, and he must have thought it was over. ten miles out to sea! >> steve: he was lucky that the weather was mild and there weren't any big waves. >> martha: he made it through that first -- the 33-foot wave we talked about. what was that like for him? >> brian: it was only 29 degrees at night. >> steve: that's bad. but he's alive. there is still news out of japan. crews are pumping sea water into a nuclear reactor after reports that the fuel rods have been completely exposed. there was a second explosion at the fukushima plant. >> the problems are continuing at that fukushima plant. from what we understand, as you said, some of the fuel rods in unit 2 were exposed. state broadcast is suggesting it
8:33 am
was human error because of that, but as there was a large explosion earlier today at unit 3, it seems that the teams there are trying to control those four nuclear reactors are under a lot of stress there and they're really pumping that sea water in to try to cool down those reactors so we don't get some kind of meltdown. the japanese government is saying that none of those capsules that protect these reactors have been breached despite two explosions and these fuel rods being exposed. but there are concerns that there could be some kind of fallout. some european governments have called on their citizens to leave tokyo now. the u.s. ambassador, he held a press conference a short time ago and he said the u.s. wouldn't be following france's lead. he said they were taking advice from the japanese government and from what the japanese government says, this 12-mile
8:34 am
radius where everyone has to get away from the plant is what the u.s. is following at this time. but they're also still trying to contact 1300 american citizens who were in that area when the earthquake and tsunami struck. back to you guys. >> steve: all right. david piper with latest. thank you. >> brian: the other thing, they injected boric acid into the reactor and released vapor at the same time to ease pressure. if you're a nuclear expert, they need you. >> martha: let's talk about what's going on in wisconsin. we spoke with the governor of wisconsin a little while ago on the show and now they're trying to recall all of these republican senators and some of the democrats as well, depending on which side of the fence people are on. they've got republican senators' pictures posted. one senator a day they're going to go after to try to repeal their election. governor scott walker was on earlier and talking about sort of who got the attention, who brought everybody into this discussion on what was going on in wisconsin. listen to what he had to say. >> the people politicized this are the 14 state senators who
8:35 am
left the state of wisconsin, went to another state. think about it, any middle class worker who was gone from their job for three weeks without notice wouldn't be working anymore. and yet that's exactly what they've done. they're the ones who politicized this. you asked, will we be able to work together? absolutely. for the first tie weeks, we passed some of the most aggressive pro-jobs pieces of legislation in the entire country to show wisconsin was open for business. including democrats and republicans. >> martha: 1500 people are not going to get pink slips now, he said because we passed this legislation, we will not have to lay off the peel. >> brian: majority leader said it's going to -- the president of the senate said it's going to affect president obama's fortunes in wisconsin with this vote. and that would mean there is another method than balancing the budget. that was his anticipate to that question. >> steve: meanwhile, after what happened in tucson with gabrielle giffords, the president of the united states called on the nation, you know,
8:36 am
let's tamp down this rhetoric, the rye lent rhetoric and the imagery has got to stop. apparently time magazine did not get the memo because they got a headline in their latest edition that says this, wisconsin's governor wins but is he still dead man walker? a little play on his name. walker. but you're talking about dead man. then in the first paragraph, it draws the imagery of a chalk outline. isn't that a little over the line? >> martha: i mean, imagine if some other places did that, right? the kind of reaction there would be. it feels like that was such a momentous speech in tucson and it did serve the president well. his approval numbers went up after that and the feeling was there needed to be a different dialogue happened in the country. it all disappeared way too quickly. >> brian: the first thing the president said is assault on the unions. then he said the check outline, that's a symbolism, if sarah palin said that.
8:37 am
there is a job opening at the state department, although there is rumors it's already been pulled. p.j. crowley, the spokesperson decided to resign or was fired. you make the call. here is what he said at an event on friday about how bradley manning was being treated and evidently they were strip searching him every day because the report was he was trying to kill himself. what is being done to bradley manning is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid on the part of the department of defense. well, that is really not what the party line that they wanted out there. and the pentagon was beside itself. >> steve: since when does the state department take shots at the pentagon? he also said that the marines at quantico were mistreating him. >> martha: i mean, i think there is always some sort of healthy friction usually between the state department and pentagon. but this is clearly, he stepped off the reservation and got punished with it. hillary clinton made a nice statement after he left, but clearly no one surprised he made
8:38 am
this decision to go. >> steve: so he's gone and they replaced him with mike hammer. martha, what are the headlines? >> martha: let's look at some of the headlines. congress getting ready to vote this week on another temporary spending bill. yep. they're going to do another one, they're hoping to avoid a complete government shutdown. nut spending bill will keep things running through april 8. it cuts $6 billion from current funding levels. the one in place right now expires on friday. another continuing resolution one after the other. when will it end? >> brian: i don't know. tragedy in texas. another high school basketball player passes away. he's 16-year-old robert garza of mcallen, texas. playing in a tournament in austin when he collapsed. witnesses say he fell to the floor after drinking water and giving his teammate has high five. pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. no word on the cause of death. earlier this month, another
8:39 am
basketball player of michigan died of an enlarged heart, that he had all his life. >> martha: that's a sad story. how about this one for you, the number of women packing heat is on the rise according to the nra. women shooting clinics attendance is up 20%. that's a big jump. women are also getting into hunting big time, according to these. sales for hunting gear is going up through the roof. some businesses reporting triple digit increases in addition to lighter guns are also designed for specifically female shooters and also hitting -- those are hitting more gun shows at well. >> brian: steve, you know if the women are going to hunt, we have to gather. >> martha: you have to man up, according to the next segment. >> brian: the men got to woman up. >> steve: woman up? >> brian: that's what i think they call it. >> steve: i think you just invented that. let's look quickly as people put on their manly winter clothes because it is still a little chilly. we've got some snow showing up
8:40 am
in portions of missouri, back through kansas. otherwise you got a thunderstorm cell that is moving from southern portions of illinois down through the mississippi valley and portions of texas, bringing a lot of heavy rain in some spots. a little bit of snow through portion of the empire state of new york and back west, a little rain in the puget sound through oregon area. current readings as you head out the door on this monday, it is a little cold in minneapolis. 15 there. same as caribou. it's freezing, 32 in kansas city. 40s as you can see in the mid atlantic. 50s and 60s across much of dixie land. currently it's 30 in cleveland. let's look at today's daytime highs. it will be a gorgeous day across portions of florida and along the gulf coast. 72 room temperature in atlanta. here in the big town of new york city, we should top out at 50 degrees at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. that's a quick look at your fox travel cast. back to you.
8:41 am
>> brian: what have we been talking about? disaster in japan and what's going on. >> martha: we're not talking about those things. >> brian: on a lighter note, we're talking about the new problem in america, that is that we seem to be hugging for no reason. and it's almost too much. it's becoming a problem with pressing flesh with strangers. >> steve: excuse me. can i interrupt you for a second. what's your name? >> blake salvador. >> steve: thighs to see you. do you think people hug too much? >> depending on people that you know. >> steve: if you snow somebody well, you don't mind hugging them. >> if you're family member, close friends. but maybe it's too excessive. >> steve: what about me? do you feel like hugging me? >> no. >> steve: i just put you on tv. >> that's fine. >> steve: you're right. how about a handshake. >> absolutely. >> steve: all right. very nice talking to you. >> martha: i love that.
8:42 am
>> steve: excuse me. that guy is not a hugger. >> martha: a disaster. don't try to hug anyone else, steve. >> steve: e-mail us, is it appropriate to hug total strangers like that guy right there? e-mail us. >> brian: steve again, if he had scored a goal and he's on your team, he would have hugged you. >> steve: not with the first guy with the sunglasses. >> brian: take a look. i'm going to tell what you else is going on. mike in wisconsin. >> martha: he said as long as you kiss on both cheeks. lesley from georgia? >> brian: go to the next guy and said i'm gog give you a kiss. >> steve: hi, can i ask you a question? okay. >> okay. >> steve: how do you feel about hugging total strangers? >> i don't know. >> steve: you don't know? >> i'm not from here.
8:43 am
>> brian: ask to give him a hug. >> i'm different. my wife, my kids, me, no. >> steve: thank you, sir. i think we answered a lot today. >> martha: steve, that's not easy to go out and ask perfect strangers to ask for a hug. >> brian: it didn't go well. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, the story we've been covering all morning, with gentleman unanimous in the midst of its worst crisis since world war ii, president obama hits the links. we'll ask karl rove, is there a better use of his time twenty-five thousand mornings, give or take, is all we humans get. we spend them on treadmills. we spend them in traffic. and if we get lucky, really lucky, it dawns on us to go spend them in a world where a sile
8:44 am
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but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at plus, get the best deal or we'll pay you $1,000. call lending tree at... today. >> martha: devastation in japan is raising questions about nuclear energy here in the u.s. now you've got lawmakers from both sides really mulling whether or not we should move forward. look at that smoke.
8:47 am
you can understand why it has people thinking about construction of new nuclear power plants here. so should that disaster in japan affect our own plan here's at home? joining us is former senior advisor to president bush and fox news contributor karl rove. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> martha: what about that question? it's obvious, you all recoil at the thought when you look at what's happening in japan initially. but should we? >> we ought to be very cautious about what we do. there are plenty of venues for congress to ask questions about safety standards in the united states and whether we have reactors that have the same design as the fukushima plant do that might place us at risk. wednesdaying this a hearing in the house energy and commerce committee on budget matters. they can ask questions there. senator lieberman, who raised the idea of a moratorium as chairman of the senate government operations committee, he could convene a hearing on this. but i think what we will find is, first of all, american safety standards on nuclear plants are probably far in
8:48 am
excess of the japanese standards and the other thing is let's put this thing in perspective. we've got to be worried about the containment vessels and whether they're able to get sea water and boric acid in to cool these down. but the japanese said radiation exposures peaked at 144 mila rams. in the united states, we got 620 mila rams through nature. if you live in denver, you got 1,000. if you work in a nuclear plant, the nrc says that you ought to have less than 5,000 milarams a year. right now let's put this thing in perspective and not be in a rush to immediately declare a vital source of energy off limits. >> steve: carl, let's talk about this then, so as japan faces this great uncertainty regarding this -- what could be a nuclear disaster, it's a big mess over there the way it is right now. plus you've got what's going on in libya, gas prices spiking. and you've got the president of the united states golfing again.
8:49 am
second weekend in a row. >> look, i don't begrudge any president some recreation. but think about this. last week the president was -- he is way behind the curve on libya. we saw on wednesday the momentum swing from the rebels to gadhafi. we face the likelihood that this mad man dictator is going to be able to hold on to power. we had a battle last week over the budget. the budget was supposed to be approved before the end of last september. it still isn't approved. the president holds a news conference on friday and says, it shouldn't be that difficult to fund, to get an agreement on the budget but he has yet to offer his own proposal. i don't begrudge him golfing, but during the weekday, would he please be at the work we hired him to do? he is nowhere to be found on the budget. >> brian: compact the fact that bill clinton said this is worthy of a no fly zone. they hired mercenaries to kill
8:50 am
their own people. >> right. look, with the united states does not lead, the rest of the world gets stuck. there seems to be an international consensus that moammar gadhafi has got to go. look, it will be a huge blow to the united states of america in the war against terrorism if we lose this battle in libya. if moammar gadhafi remains in power, it will embolden all the enemies of the united states and it will discourage the friends of the united states both in the region and around the world because we will be seen as weak and undependable. how the president has put us in this place is astonishing. >> steve: all right. it's always great to hear you. too bad you can't be here on the curvy couch. >> i could give steve a hug. >> martha: yeah. >> steve: i'm looking for anybody to hug. are there any women? no, marry all guys. >> no rove hugs? i'm hurt. >> steve: thank you. we owe you one. >> martha: one of our next guests this had this to say.
8:51 am
american men are facing a new epidemic because they're turning back into boys or staying boys and never maturing. why maturity has gone out the window. present company excluded. >> brian: we'll play jacks during the break. [ male announcer ] provocative. ♪ nexpected. ♪ defiant. ♪
8:52 am
and just whatou need to forge your own path. introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪
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8:54 am
>> i'm bill hemmer on this monday morning. we're live near the epicenter of the disaster in japan. experts on radiation, seismologists, the way the earth changed literally all coming up on our program today and what is next in this extraordinary disaster. also locally, the democrats are back home in wisconsin. how that union battle is going national. see new a few minutes. martha's cheating on me today. [ laughter ] >> martha: we'll hug it out when i get back. thanks, bill. here is a question for bill and you guys, what do adam sandler,
8:55 am
which my boys love, south park, all have in common? according to our next guest, it is all evidence that men ages 20 to 40 -- here is a news flash, ladies -- they are stuck in an adolescence and not growing up. many of them. >> steve: the author of manning up is ginning us now. you are saying guys in their 20s used to get married, but they have no interest in getting married and settling down. >> that's right. it used to be when men had to marry a little earlier, or even if they were going to marry later but they knew they were going to have to get married and have to take care -- >> martha: they would grow up. >> they would have to grow up. that's not true anymore. they don't have that clock. women do. >> martha: a lot of them, they're not getting jobs or getting married. they're losers! i mean, that's a problem. >> i'm so glad you're going to
8:56 am
let me take the moderate condition. >> men say women want it both ways. they want guys to be kind of manly guys, but they also want to be equal. they're getting a lot of mixed messages from women. that's a lot of the claims i hear from guys. >> brian: it led to mismatched marriages, where you have the mature women with guys that want to snap towels at you. >> if they marry. a lot of those guys will say -- i hear this all the time from young men, they say, i'll wait 'til i'm 35 or 40. >> martha: you say that you think women should just -- they need to get rid of those guys quickly. >> i think that maybe one of the -- >> martha: you said that, kay. i read it. >> i did. >> steve: stay right here. we want to continue the conversation after the break. more in two minutes. we wiped the slate clean.
8:57 am
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